Issue 14: March 9, 2013

50px-5047861.png A Reflection on Fanon Advisors
Minnichi - Editor

Many times a fanon's editors will take on this role. As they fix up your grammar and wording, they probably toss in a few ideas of their own along the way. However, I think the importance of advisors isn't stressed enough sometimes. And I mean the advisors who can even give you tips on the entire foundation of your plot - a little step further than beta-readers, the way I see it. These people aren't always easy to find in the fanon portal, since anyone who shows interest in your story will probably want to read it as well - meaning they'd prefer not to hear spoilers. But in my opinion, you should always strive to find one anyway. How do you know if your fanon's ending is the best course of action? How do you know that some of the story's pivotal points and twists won't turn out to be too cheesy or predictable? Only a second person would be able to tell you this, and you'd be surprised at how many plot-disasters you can avoid from the advice.

Of course, we authors often take pride in our creativity and may find it uncomfortable to let someone else have too much influence on the framework of our fanons. Just remember, though, that you're still the one writing at the end of the day. No matter who thought of the idea, your creativity is still the only factor that can decide whether or not that idea is portrayed successfully. Which leads to the overall goal of your fanon: being successful. To do that, you have take any measures to ensure that the story reaches its full potential...which means getting help from others. Most of us get help already, in the form of editors - but think about it for a minute. If your fanon needs improvement in wording and grammar, who says it doesn't need improvement in the plot as well? That's what I believe a great deal of fanons are missing here at Avatar Wiki: the "editor" of the plot.

Ah, what's a lecture without examples, eh? This naturally brings us to Minnichi's personal experiences. I'd always been talking to my fellow authors as I updated on that site, prior to my involvement on Avatar Wiki. I can say that my fanon wouldn't have half its current quality without them. However, like many of you I planned my fanon from beginning to end before writing a single word of it. This made it hard for me to make any changes for major things like endings - but I realized before long that people who know about your fanon's plans tend to be able to make a whole lot of difference, and for the better. For instance, Lady Lostris knew part of the ending of my fanon just because I figured she was a random person that spoilers didn't matter to anyway - when I first posted on her wall for advice as a nony, that is. She was one of the first people to be "in on" this major plot detail of my fanon, and as many of you know that led to her saving the fanon and motivating me to join the wiki and whatnot. If I'd kept my story's canon-logic troubles to myself, Silent Hero in Emerald currently wouldn't exist and well technically, neither would I on this site :P (In Minnichi's head, fanon believability fail = overall fanon fail = destroy fanon.)

Well of course, not everyone's like me and would throw away their fanon over some canon-logic issues. But that doesn't make the role of a plot advisor any less important. In my case, Silent Hero in Emerald is planned to have some pretty crazy events from now until the ending. I always felt unsure if my plans were the best, because the more drastic an ending gets, the more risk you're taking. However, no one ever wanted to discuss it with me out of their preference to avoid spoilers (somehow everyone was either reading or planning to read SHiE...), so I was stuck mulling it over by myself for a while. I decided just to stick with what I had, but one day I told a non-fanon portal user just for the heck of it. It turns out he didn't like the ending at all, explaining that it was too abrupt and unrealistic - and I even agreed! What would have happened to SHiE if this revelation had not taken place? Well, the story would have ended in literally 3 chapters from now - as in Chapter 22 :) But to those of you who read Silent Hero in Emerald, you may have just been spared an extremely dissatisfying and short ending. Our very own KettleMeetPot has convinced Minnichi to take on a new arc of the story that will last at least 10 chapters! I'm very happy to be taking this course of action, not only because it gives me a chance to enjoy writing my fanon longer, but because I really feel like it will turn out so much better this way. Couldn't have done it without the second opinion! And to my readers: yes, don't hesitate to thank KMP for giving y'all more chapters :P

Anyhow, my storytelling was just meant to describe impact fanon advisors have had on me during my time as a writer. It also goes to show that advisors do not have to be fanon-oriented themselves; what we all need is not so much a writing counselor, but someone who can just tell you whether or not you're making a good story. It's always best to know this as soon as possible, and it's as urgent for any writer as a grammar/wording editor. This doesn't mean someone who just reads a chapter before it's released and tell you if it's good. This means someone who can potentially change the whole direction of your story, including its ending - meaning you have to be open to changing your plans drastically. This can be difficult, but your plot needs to show off its full potential as much as your writing quality does! Also remember that no amount of advice changes the fact that you're still the one writing, so your own creativity will still define your fanon at the end of the day. Just try having one or two "plot checkers" for your story; I guarantee they'll do more good for your fanon than you'll know.

50px-5277777.png FFF Looking For Members

Hey they everyone! Myself and Fruitpit are interviewers in the group Fanon Fact Finders. As I have aforementioned, there are only two people interviwing fanons. If you consider yourself a good interviewer, and would like further involve yourself in the Avatar Wiki community, please feel free to submit a test interview. You will be interviewing my fanon Gods of War. Interviews are aimed on promoting the fanon as well as keeping the readers interested. Find some good tidbits (find some fascinating facts!), surprise us, we don't want your everday "Was it hard to write Aang as evil" etc.

Please tell us if you want to submit a test interview by putting your name down on the Fanon Fact Finders page.

Thank you!

50px Fanon Urban Dictionary


noun; Someone who, because out of the infinite fanons on Avatar Wiki, theirs doesn't have fifty readers, feel the need to log onto IRC with the sole purpose of venting to everyone how miserable their life is. IRComplainer has joined #wikia-avatar. Random user: "Oh hai, IRComplainer!!!!! How's it going, omg lolz?" "Horribly." "Oh…" "Yeah." "Uh, why?" "BECAUSE! NOOOBY READS MY FANON!! But anyway, I don't really want to talk about that now. Instead I'll make some cute joke to distract you from my complaining for a brief moment." "Okay…" (fifteen seconds later) "But yeah it's anyway that story totally reminds me of how NOBODY READS MY FANON!!!" "Gosh, you're such an IRComplainer."

Action Addict

noun; A reader who cannot last through any chapter of a fanon without bloodshed, violence, and epic element-bending action. Bonus points if someone dies in the battle. "(Sob) Why isn't my story ever g-good enough f-f-for you?" "I'm sorry, but it's just not what I'm looking for. Your stuff is boring!" "What will make you keep reading? Please, I'll do anything!" "Throw in some fighting!" "How about a war?" "Yeah! Add me to the subscribers!" "(Gasp) Okay! And what if the war's between...BEST FRIENDS?" "Oh, le drama! I'm like it!" "Yeah! And of them kills the other at the end!" "HECK YEAH~! I love your story!" "Awesome!" (A month later) "My a 5.0 in its fanon review. For no character development. (Moment of silence) Dangit, knew I shouldn't have listened to the action addict! What have I done?" *Facepalms*

Same-Name Awkwardness

noun; That which occurs when any two characters from different fanons happen to have their names in common. The authors pretend they don't notice it and that it's not a big deal, but everyone knows they're secretly playing the 'it was my idea first' game on the inside."Hey, my main character's name is also named Bob!" "Oh really, that's so interesting! Because my 'Bob' was created long before I even joined this site!" "Is that so? Pretty cool, because I planned my character to be 'Bob' years ago when I was on" "..." "Don't you just love these coincidences? Great minds think alike!" "...Heheh, yeah. Indeed." "Yep." " "We vote for administrators?" "...Yep, you're an incurable fanon portal hermit. Man, you've got it bad!"

Love the Fanon Urban Dictionary? Miss any definitions? See the complete collection here!

50px-5019858.png FFF Looking For Members

Hello! I'm Ty, and today I'll be reviewing Inheritance by ByBray!

In Inheritance, the story begins with the birth of Tenzin, Katara and Aang's third child, and the only airbender of the three. The entirety of the plot deals with the trials and tribulations of Tenzin in his younger years. From his birth, exploring his past, and all the way to roaming Republic City, Inheritance delves deep into the young airbender's life, providing the tale that molded Tenzin into the amazing person, talented bender, and trustworthy friend he is today.

Here are a few of my thoughts while I read Inheritance:

  •  This is a beautiful piece of writing. The descriptions touched my senses and painted works of art. It's like poetry, and I love it.
  • ByBray's attention to inner thoughts was outstanding. It's one thing to write action, meaning what is happening. It's another to expand to another dimension and include thought. Character emotion adds a whole new element to a story, and Inheritance succeeds in this regard. Tenzin is a very complex human being who has the weight of the world on his shoulders. It's a testament to ByBray as a writer that he was able to write such a complex character and accurately describe every facet of Tenzin's inner turmoil.
  • While reading, I noticed the depth of the story right away. Inheritance deals with personal issues and takes on a serious vibe. When I say it's a mature fanon, I don't mean it is explicit, I mean it is mature in tone. It carries the realities of life: mistakes, problems, imperfection.
  • The greatest strength of Inheritance is the meaning behind the story. It's not just a story of Tenzin. It carries such a powerful message because the message is real. I clearly see the author's own emotions and beliefs permeating through the writing. ByBray puts his heart and soul into Inheritance and that's something everyone should appreciate.

Overall, Inheritance scored an impressive 8.93. You can find the full fanon review, complete with scores and further analysis, here!

48px-4298791.png Ask Mitros

The former Firefighter answers all your questions, if you have an questions, send them to Mitro's messenger hawk in the Spirit World.

Dear Mitros,

I am a WaterAirbending Master here at the north west pole. Here at the north west pole, some ignorant bastards nice people, have started an organization, called the fireearthfighters. These earthfighters have been causing havoc for my people, and the Avatar. What should I do? Sincerly, Pak Jakku

Dear Jakku, Maybe you should stay out of the earthfighters way. I'm sure they have the best interests at heart. Maybe you should join them and defeat the Earth Kingdom in the name of the Air Nomads.

Sincerely, Mitros

48px-4357864.png Fanon News and Notes
Omashu Rocks - Editor

That's right, I turned a NPR program into a WLS article.

It's been over three weeks since this newsletter last published an issue, and can't express how much I've missed our wonderful readers! A lot has happened since February 6, so let me catch you up to speed on our fanon portal whilst shamelessly self-advertising my own fanons in such a way that it remains relevant.

Sadly, the fanon community has bid adieu to multi-fanon author and my good friend Agent Slash. The self-professed Suki expert appropriately authored Suki's Story, the second part of his prized Slash Trilogy. In addition, he was my great co-author for Fate's Cold Hands, the tale of two twins each born the Avatar, ordered to train in the elements and fight to the death in the Avatar State to determine which one shall live. We managed to get through six chapters and I have promised to continue in hopes of making it the legend we both dreamt of. Who wants to help us out by giving it a look? Of course, I'm not the only person who can tell you how great it is to work with Agent Slash on a fanon. He was also part of the team of authors for the collaborative fanon known as Vortex. Although he departed the wiki just as Vortex was leaving the ground, he has promised to continue working on it for a little while. The fanon is up to four chapters now, including the prologue, and Agent Slash is responsible for writing the fifth. Personally, I love the way the fanon has begun to unfold. An unlikely crew of benders and non-benders from various stories throughout the portal have been suddenly flung into this mystery universe to traverse from world to world, each one resembling that of a different fanon. Why read it? One: because it's awesome, and two: if they need ideas for which fanon world to enter next, wouldn't it make sense that they consider a reader's fanon?

It appears as if the portal is looking at yet another group fanon. Parallel is a project composed of several one-shots by different authors including ByBray, PreservationsWings, TyphoonMaster, TechFilmer, WaterbenderTaikai, Fruipit, Nozus, and The Lucky Mango. No chapters have been released yet, but with two Fanon Review Squad members on the team, I'm sure it'll go far.

While it's sad to see Agent Slash leave, I'm pleased to welcome back another article whom I've come to know quite well, Suzon, or as he goes by now, Nozus. He has returned to Avatar Wiki and given me a special gift out of kindness! He was generous enough to offer his time and talents to complete, this, a trailer for my fanon, The House of Angkara. I very much appreciate his work, as I very much would like to attract some more readers! Also take note of the fact that his Youtube account name is "AWTrailers." "s" Plural. Are there more to come? We'll see.

A while ago I paid tribute to the great AvatarRokusGhost after he completed Avatar: Energy Saga, which is widely considered to be the most popular fanon on Avatar Wiki. When the series ended, a void was left in our hearts, but fear not! Now, ARG is back with Dragons, Sieges and Volcanoes! Remember Jinora's story about a princess who rode a dragon into a volcano? Well the famed author decided to give that blurb a backstory, and three chapters in, I'm thrilled to say it looks like we have another masterpiece in our midst!

That's all for now. With Book 2 of The Legend of Korra on the horizon, let the countdown to alternative season ending fanons commence! Lastly, I leave you with this.

50px-3467474.png Interview With Omashu Rocks of Fate's Cold Hands
Long before the Equalist Revolution, The Hundred Year War, Chin the Conqueror, or the Rise of Koh, a boy and a girl were born twins in the Northern Water Tribe. Little did their parents know that fate had played a terrible trick on them. The day the twins turn sixteen, the Order of the White Lotus confirms that both twins were born as the Avatar and that both the physical and spiritual worlds were unbalanced. Their leader, Yansu, decides that both Kembar and Kiama must master the four elements individually and then fight to the death while in the Avatar State to determine which should remain. Now, both teenagers must travel to the four nations, in opposite orders, and make allies as well as enemies, and in a time of chaos in the world, one might just die ahead of schedule.

Hey there everyone, AlcatrazSmedry here with an interview with Omashu Rocks on her amazing fanon Fate's Cold Hands. I have to say, I thotoughly enjoyed it. 

Be warned, spoilers will follow.

  1. Hey there amazing Mr. Rocks, how ya doin!? -I'm doing quite well, thank you.
  1. So, why did you come up with this idea? It sounds really interesting, and I don’t think it’s been done. - Well I wanted to write a story about an Avatar, but it couldn't just be another typical fanon about some newly discovered teenager learning the elements in order to battle some sort of emerging threat. No, there had to be something new, something fresh. One day I was pondering whether to have the avatar be male or female while watching an old SNL spoof of those NBA "There can only be one" commercials, and it hit me. I conceived the idea of having twins, a brother and a sister, both be born the avatar and destined to fight to the death so that only one would live on.
  1. Interesting. So how had working with Slash been? - Working with Agent Slash on the first six chapters was wonderful. He brought so much to the table. Not only was it nice to only have to write half of each chapter, but knowing that the guy covering the other 50% was a talented writer was excellent. We was very easy to work with, and he had a great new idea just about every day. It's truly sad that he had to leave the wiki, but I completely understand. I promised him that I would continue the fanon in his honor and make it the successful legend we always dreamt it would be. Obviously, I have a long way to go in order to accomplish that goal, but I really do believe it can be done, so everyone help me out by reading it!
  1. Which twin do you prefer to write for, Kembar, or Kiama. - Kiama, hands down. I believe Slash felt that way too. In fact, sometimes it almost seemed like we were fighting over who got to write for her. Her personality is fascinating and she's really fun to write dialogues for, not that I don't love Kembar as well. They're both a lot of fun.
  1. Who would you choose as your favorite character from the entire story. - Aside from the twins, I'd have to say that Jiyu, the superior of the Western Air Temple, is my favorite character. She's kind of like a female Tenzin, just less quirky. I also like to compare her to Professor McGonagall from the Harry Potter series.
  1. And if you could have that person voiced by someone IRL who would it be? - The third person Jiyu reminds me of is the nun Meryl Streep plays in Doubt, which is a much more solemn character than what Streep usually plays. It would be cool to have Streep do her nun voice for Jiyu.
  1. How happy have you been with the reception? - I'm pleased with the reception the fanon has received. It certainly hasn't reached fame, and it doesn't have 100 comments on the main page, but it has a consistent group of readers that regularly comment with positive words each chapter, and that's all I need to keep writing.
  1. How did you come up with the names, Kembar and Kiama. - I played around with Google Translate a lot and found out that Kembar means "twin" in Indonesian or something. I think Slash came up with Kiama, keeping with the Water Tribe's "k" tradition.
  1. Wouldn't the Avatar dying in the The Avatar State disrupt the cycle. Or is this a special case due to the fact that there are two Avatars? - The intention of the Order of the White Lotus is that once one of the Avatars dies in the Avatar State, the cycle will only cease for that Avatar and the other would be reincarnated after his/her death sometime in the future.
  1. Will the Avatar Spirit stay as two from now on or will it merge together again? - If the Order of the White Lotus gets its wish, one of the twins will die in the Avatar State and there would only be one from then on… or will there? I'm not saying anything!
  1. Can you tell use about any future plotlines? - I don't want to give away too many spoilers, but I'd like to drop just one hint. A lot of readers keep fantasizing about how the twins will magically come up with some way to defeat the system and live on happily ever after with butterflies and rainbows and unicorns. To these individuals I reply, "Yeah, okay…" Aw shucks, I was hoping for something like that :(
  1. To finish this off, what room for improvement do you see in future interviews from me? - More questions couldn't hurt, but I think you gave a solid interview. Thanks so much for doing this!

Click to see the fanon.

50px-3327121.png Encouraging Inactivity

When I was formatting the Fanonbending page the other day, I could not help but notice that two months into the new year, there was still not one single new fanonbender in 2013. Around the same time, I spoke with one of the many writers I know on here about how some of the well-known series had taken a break from publishing this week. As she and I agreed, taking a break is in style this time of year, when the average workload tends to be higher. Furthermore, this month no featured fanon series or article was chosen for the first time since June 2010, a time when the fanon portal was much smaller, and groups like the FRS and FFF have more open spots in their schedules than usual. I’ve been on this site just over two years now, and it’s safe to say this is one of the slower times this site has had in recent days.

But is this something to groan over? Is this a great cause of concern? Is this something to fear? I think not. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. The fact that the fanon portal is still as active as it is even when it’s “inactive” is testament of the perseverance of this still-thriving community. This only looks like inactivity because we never see what true inactivity is on here. A true rut, for a lot of websites, would mean the recent wiki activity page would be a barren wasteland and there would be literally nothing going on. But users are still coming here to write. They’re still coming here to read. They’re still coming here to edit. Even the fact that trolls and vandals still come on regularly at a time like this can be considered a good sign. And yes, you did just read those words written by an administrator.

Even when not much is going on, there is still plenty to look forward to. Aside from the ongoing influx of new fanon chapters, we have WLS and BSST issues, which still draw community attention and solidarity. In the Summer things become more active and preparation for the Fifth Fanon Awards is only a couple months away. There are currently more than 800 Avatar fanon stories on here and it’s safe to say that sometime this year we will reach 1,000. And there’s also the upcoming second season of The Legend of Korra, which will breathe life into both the canon and fanon sections of Avatar Wiki. More material will mean more to write about.

Also, it will not be long before the Fanon Subscription Module, created by our very own KettleMeetPot, will be ready for use. Writers with ten or more subscribers to their story will be able to quickly generate a list of subscribed users and send a message with a single click, rather than have to copy the same text over and over to several open internet tabs. If one has fewer than ten subscribers, one can either continue to post the old-fashioned way or ask an author with use of the module to send a fast message for them.

Sure, we’re at a low point, but the low point on here is not that low. It’s true that from some angles the situation looks fairly grim, but at the end of the day it is far from so. So, if you find the current “slump” getting you down, just pause for a moment and focus on what really matters on here.


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