Issue 15: March 23, 2013

50px-5047861.png Avatar Wiki Chronicles: On Violence and the Annual Fanon Awards
Minnichi - Editor

For those of you who don't know the Avatar Wiki Chronicles, it's basically a new style of writing articles that I picked up in order to personify our site's fanon portal. Basically, I'm ranting about the fanon portal in story-like form. You'll see what I mean! Today's topic should be a big one for any writer who reads this newsletter: The Fanon Awards!

AW Chronicles #3


Avatar Wiki is not itself. Darkness poisons the air, so thick that you wouldn't be able to see past an arm's length. The shadows look like they can come to life any second, the way they shift in blotchy patterns all over the ground. The buildings themselves, hollow and battered, seem like they were grown out of the blackness. In the midst of this wasteland, a shrill voice cries out. "It's AvatarRokusGhost!"

"Get him!!!"

This is the Avatar Wiki fanon portal.

"Watch out, he's got a tank!"

"ARGHH! We can't let Energy Saga win again!" Take him down!!!"

This is the annual Fanon Awards.

BOOM! The sound of a fallen war tank fills the air, followed by the crazed victory yells of a dozen jealous authors. Nominees of the same category, they're called. 'Friendly rivals,' they're called.

But the redheaded young man who leaps out from his broken red vehicle, which is smoking with the remains of the golden letters that once spelled out "ENERGY SAGA," knows that these authors have transformed into much worse than rivals. His tattered blue tie flapping in the air, he takes cover behind his red tank, covering his ears as a grenade cracks open the ground nearby with an earsplitting explosion.

"There is no violence in Avatar Wiki!" screams a female voice.

AvatarRokusGhost quickly shifts and peers out from the side of his tank. It's Minnichi, holding her ground in the middle of the group of attackers. She has a lantern raised high above her head, its glow so blinding that the shape of her green robes is clearly visible even in the darkness. The jealous authors are still approaching her, but they've slowed down as if struggling to remember why they're attacking in the first place.

"There is no violence within the site!" yells the agent-girl, kicking aside one of the authors who's crawled a little too close to her on the ground. A true Dai Li agent, she is; the brainwashing has already converted over half of the authors, while the other half have nearly all stopped moving. "Here, we are peaceful!"

One author, however, doesn't look like he'll ever be peaceful. Despite slowing down, he's dragging his way closer and closer to the agent-girl, his clenched fist raised in preparation for attack.

"Here...we are friends." Minnichi concludes her speech with a sigh, looking around at all the dazed, brainwashed authors lying about the ground. Hearing the heavy footsteps behind her back, however, she finally realizes that the one remaining violent author is there. She whips herself around, giving a horrified yell of surprise as he lunges at her with swinging fists.

A bright jet of flame illuminates the air a split second later, and the violent author suddenly goes flying into the distance. Minnichi stands confused in the silence, until she squints and makes out the shape of AvatarRokusGhost several feet ahead.

"Hey, Minn." ARG gives a grim smile as he lowers his arms again, which are still smoking a bit at the fingertips from his attack. "Sorry you had to get caught up in all that..." He knows that several unfortunate authors, after all, get stuck in the crossfire when the jealous, Energy Saga-haters start rampaging.

Minnichi shrugs as she starts making her way towards the administrator. "It's fine. I think that group had some people from my category, too." Of course, she means those who were nominated for the same awards as her. "Psychos these days..."

It's quite unfortunate that Avatar Wiki becomes like this for every sort of fanon competition. Authors forget how to write, help each other, and well - be happy, basically. The horror continues on for all three weeks of the Fanon Awards.

However, Minnichi faces the author of Energy Saga with a smile. "Glad I could run into someone sane, though. You're not a psycho." Despite everything, there's always a group of authors who band together in nonviolence and help fend off the jealous haters. It appears that two of them have just found each other.

"Why, thank you!" replies AvatarRokusGhost with a grin. "I would say the same for you."

"D'aw, thanks!" Minnichi gives a modest little wave of her hand.


A young girl sits before AvatarRokusGhost, scribbling everything he says onto a little notepad. He has no idea where she came from - but alas, big award ceremonies always come with paparazzi. The spectators tend to make up this crowd, and one of the reporters has decided to tag along with the author of Energy Saga for now.

ARG sighs as he answers the next question. "I already told you... I don't 'take people down' for the fanon awards!" He suddenly hunches over and starts pulling at his hair. "They attack me for no reason - I'm just a guy trying to write! And my war tank? I don't have a choice! I'm only defending myself, dangit!"

Wiki Geek listens with quizzical eyes, thoughtfully petting a little dog resting in her lap as she looks over her notepad. "So you're saying that you don't try to win the awards?" she asks.

"YES!" yells the administrator exasperatingly. "For the thousandth time, yes! Those people who get competitive and start attacking everyone - the psychos - they don't know what they're doing! It doesn't get them anywhere and just hurts everyone else..." He buries his face into his hands as if he's about to break down from the madness of it all.

The reporter nods along. "I see..."

Minnichi appears suddenly from the shadows as she steps into the scene. "ARG, we're going to get caught by more attackers if we keep talking to reporters."

"MINNICHI~!" yells Wiki Geek, her face lighting up with glee. "There are a ton of things I'd love to ask you -"

"I really don't think that's a good idea right now," cuts in the agent-girl, looking past the reporter at a mob of psychos approaching in the distance.

"Come on, just one question -"


AvatarRokusGhost looks up. "Huh? You called me, Minn?"

"Argh!" The agent-girl is actually curled up on the ground, writhing about in pain. Some psycho author has noticed her from the distance and managed to throw a stone far enough to hit her eye.

"Minnichi!" cries Wiki Geek, jumping to her feet. "Are you okay?"

But the Dai Li agent girl and redheaded admin are already running away as fast as they can, the former still holding a hand over her black eye.


"Why can't I just be like Lostris and set everyone on fire...?" mutters Minnichi under her breath.

"Come on, you know that not even admin powers will help you in the fanon awards," sighs AvatarRokusGhost, who's hiding with her behind another one of those old, dusty buildings in the shadowy environment. "Anddd they've found us."

Sure enough, a whole mob of psychos is charging in their direction, yelling all sorts of profane things about why they're getting less votes than they wished for.

Minnichi looks for a moment at the crowd, then drops her head as they continue running in her direction. "I don't think we're gonna make it out of this one, ARG..."

But it seems she's spoken too soon. For right at that moment, a bright red convertible swerves right between the crowd and the two authors. It's piled with flashing signs so bright that the mob of psycho authors can't help being distracted and shielding their eyes for a moment. Like a silhouette in front of the light, a teenager sporting a freakishly expensive black suit, red tie, sunglasses, and blonde hair smoothly steps out from the vehicle. The words flashing behind him blare out 'VOTE OMASHU ROCKS FOR THE FANON AWARDS.'

It's such an extravagant and overwhelmingly colorful sight that the attackers don't know what to think of it, as Mr. Rocks casually climbs up onto the front of his vehicle and boldly faces them all. He gives a little wink in ARG's and Minnichi's direction before he begins his speech. "My fellow authors," he bellows. "Is this really what you want to be doing with your lives?" As if on cue, all of the psycho authors look down at the various weapons in their hands in shame as the politician points around. "What do you hope to accomplish by fighting and hurting your brethren? Haven't you ever stopped to wonder what the real problems are in our society?"

Minnichi stares at the politician and his mesmerized crowd in disbelief. It's seriously working.

"Why are there such limited benefits for us fanon authors? Why are there so many writers, and so few awards? Why must there be losers? These are questions you can't possibly answer by attacking each other!" continues Omashu Rocks, throwing up his arms to emphasize the shame of it all. Meanwhile the crowd gives several wails of injustice, only further strengthening his speech. "So today, I say that we join hands and change the fanon awards - together!"

"YEAH!" The crowd is so excited that they've run off in a frenzy to recruit more supporters of the "movement" without even bothering to wait for Mr. Rocks to follow.

In the silence, ARG and Minnichi soon join the young politician at his red convertible. "Well, that was certainly an interesting and creative way to ward off attackers," comments the admin. "But uh, do you really want to change the whole system of the fanon awards, OR? There's really no point if everyone ends up winning the thing..."

"Ha!" Mr. Rocks laughs merrily, removing his sunglasses and pocketing them neatly. "Of course not! But don't you know? Desperate, jealous authors in the awards will take just about anything for encouragement," he adds with another wink.

"Well, whatever works to keep them away..." Minnichi shrugs. "Anyhow, good luck in your - er, campaign, OR."


"Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. I am Wiki Geek, and I'll be your host tonight for exclusive coverage of the annual Fanon Awards!"

"We've just received ground-breaking news about author and politician, Omashu Rocks! Is he the righteous and honest man we've always thought him to be? Apparently not, because a scandal like no other has been revealed!"

"No way!"

"Yes way! Numerous sources say that Mr. Rocks romantically affiliated with none other than...(gasp) Dai Li agent and WLS co-editor, Minnichi!"


"It can't be!"

"No matter what the truth is, unfortunately this rumor is here to stay, and thus his chances of winning the fanon awards have been destroyed. He's made angry claims that being co-editor doesn't automatically mean that one should jump to weird conclusions...but I'm afraid his word can no longer save him."

"Yeah. Don't you know that any politician who's associated with the Dai Li can't be trusted? I mean, what if he's secretly having all his supporters brainwashed into voting for him? Yikes!"


"Maybe it was just a dream, Minnichi. Maybe it'll always be a fantasy...the day authors can compete without turning into enemies..."

"HEY NOW, don't talk like that!" cries the agent-girl. She and AvatarRokusGhost are kneeling next to a half-conscious Typhoonmaster, who smiles as he makes his final speech.

"I was happy to be nominated at all, so don't worry about me..."

"Just cuz some psychos attacked you doesn't mean you can go all dramatic on us, Ty! We already got enough of this from OR, and...Ty? TY! Noooo!"

Thus marks the fall of another noble author in the Awards...


AvatarRokusGhost cries out in despair. "Minnichi!!! Not you, too!"

"You win this stupid thing...ARG..." A single, rock-covered hand reaches out towards him from the pile of attacking authors. "Show the fanon portal...that psycho-ness...will not win the Fanon Awards..." The agent-girl's last words are barely audible. "Show them that writing makes a fanon, and that only writing will succeed...not attention-seeking and jealousy! Don't let...the psychos..." And with that, Minnichi is silenced.

"I will!" declares AvatarRokusGhost, holding back tears as he runs from the scene.


"So it seems that after a long and gruesome award ceremony, we're finally seeing what could possibly be the first signs of winners! This is Wiki Geek, reporting from what appeared to be the site of Minnichi's last stand...Or was it?"

"Hello, Minnichi. How do you feel about your survival? How's that stretcher treatin' ya?"

"Uh...well, life could be better at the moment."

"How did you escape from those unruly authors and even manage to nab your own award? That must take some serious skill?"

" far as I know, I've been laying here half-dead for the past few days. I think they thought I was actually dead or something, so then they left and starting attacking each other instead. If I won, does that mean they all ended up killing each other? Hmmm..."

"Interesting! It would appear so! So you're saying that this 'psycho' behavior you speak of - jealousy, spamming, and whatnot - is the very thing that destroys an author in the fanon awards?"

"Well, who wants to vote for someone who's spamming you or trying to kill you?! Of course! ...Ow. I think I used too much energy to say that. You know what? Just listen to ARG's speech tomorrow. I'm pretty sure he's won a ton of awards without being hospitalized..."

"Of course! I'll have to interview him tomorrow, too. In the meantime, here, why don't you pet this puppy? It'll make you feel better."

"Um...sure, WG. Why not?"


AvatarRokusGhost stands before the crowd of defeated authors as usual. His face has been hardened by the tragedies he witnessed during this gruesome competition, and the heartache from his fallen companions is still fresh in his wounds...


"...and what is a Fanon Award title at the end of the day? Recognition for writing, and nothing else. It is the passion one has for writing that wins an award, and that same passion that breathes life into our fanon portal. During the last 20 days, we've forgotten the passion we once had for writing. Don't you remember the times you offered to promote a story in need? The times you offered to edit? Why is it that some of us were laughing when a fellow nominated fanon had grammar mistakes, then?"

No one knows what it was in AvatarRokusGhost's words that inspired such an emotional response, but all of the psychos suddenly hug one another and dance together under a colorful rainbow with butterflies. All the life returns to Avatar Wiki, and there's sappy music with stunning violin solos everywhere in the air as friendships are mended, and, well, you get the point.

It's the same every year, and ARG has restored harmony to the fanon portal once again...and like every year, it'll only last until the next annual Fanon Awards.

...The End?

50px-3467474.png Fanon Portal Over The Years

Hey there, TechFilmer here with another article for the WLS, this time about the main page of the fanon portal! What you see nowadays isn't even close to what used to be there. I decided that this was the time to show you what it really looks like. So let's start! Also, what is here is what I found by looking through The Wayback Machine.

  • November 26, 2007

This is the first thing I could find on the Wayback Machine was this. Unfortunately I was unable to go any further, but you can see the layout was quite similar. The logo was at the top, and the info at the bottom split into two columns. This stayed on for about two years.

  • April 23, 2009

Almost the same thing, the new layout included a featured quote, fanon, article and news section. This continued to live on in what we see today on our main page. Next up the portal moves to the wiki and gets a new layout.

  • February 21, 2019

When the wiki main page got an uplift this did too, and it now includes nicer boxes and a slider. The basic frame stayed the same and has been with us ever since.

48px-4357864.png Meet Our New Deputy Editor!
Omashu Rocks - Editor

Today, I'm here to announce the White Lotus Sentinel's newest Deputy Editor! You should be very pleased to know that Typhoonmaster has joined our team and will be working with us from here on out! Ultimately, this was not a difficult selection for us to make. Typhoonmaster is extremely talented and dedicated. He has proven himself time and time again on the wiki. I have the utmost confidence that he will be an excellent addition, which is why, as a bit of an icebreaker, my article today will be an interview with the man of the hour himself. If you don't know him already, you will by the end of the following series of difficult, gruesome, and what some might call diabolical questions that he will be forced to answer!

Ahem, first of all, Mr… Typhoonmaster, is it? What are your initial thoughts on joining the White Lotus Sentinel? Are you excited? Surprised? Nervous? SCARED?

I suppose my associates call me Mr. Typhoonmaster, but you may call me Ty if you'd like. I think we're on a first name basis by now. Initially I thought, "Oh no, I will have to choose whether or not I prefer solid or dotted lines. Too much pressure!" No, I'm very excited for the opportunity to improve this newsletter, as I think writing and fanon are perhaps the greatest strengths of the Avatar Wiki.

And what made you want to be a part of the newsletter?

I initially just wrote articles for the WLS because I simply like to write in my free time. I always tried to do my part in that way, but when the Deputy Editor position opened up, I wanted to help out the WLS staff in any way I could.

Interesting… and where were you when President Kennedy was assassinated?! What do you know about Lee Harvey Oswald?! I want answers!

If I told you where I was when President Kennedy was assassinated, I'd have to kill you. I know Lee is the most common name in the Avatar World, considering there are a million Lee's. I know Harvey is a villain in Batman. I know Oswald is a giant purple octopus.

I see. I think I can speak for the entire staff when I say you will certainly be a great deputy editor, but what is one thing in particular you think you will bring to the table?

I bring a passion for writing and journalism. I bring the simple joy of writing articles that makes the WLS successful.

Is it true that you were once a member of the KGB and were trained by Vladimir Putin himself? We already know you were! Confess and this will be a lot easier!

I was actually a double agent of the KGB, working under the alias "Edward Crane," and my codename was ATTILA. I worked as a double agent for the British and committed multiple acts of treason and espionage in the name of freedom. Initially, I followed Putin, but I saw the road he was taking and separated myself from him. That was the toughest decision I had to make, and to this very day I don't regret it at all.

A likely story… As a member of the Fanon Review Squad, you've perused a wide variety of stories on the fanon portal, from excellent to terrible and everything in between. How do you think this experience will affect your performance as deputy editor?

Well, I've actually been lucky enough to read 7 excellent fanons as a member of the Fanon Review Squad. Every fanon I've read so far has scored over 8.6, which is awesome! I think the Fanon Review Squad has taught me to manage my time and meet deadlines, which is crucial for a Deputy Editor.

The FRS is known for giving helpful advice. If you could sum up the best writing advice in one sentence, what would you say?

"Brevity is the soul of wit."- Shakespeare

Trust me, the questions only get harder. Picture this scenario: The entire fourth grade class is going to the zoo. There are 3 buses for the field trip. Each bus has the same amount of kids. If there are 90 kids in the fourth grade, how many are on each bus?

I must say, I read the question again, just to make sure. 90 kids divided by 3 buses = 30 kids per bus. If I'm wrong, then I'm siding with Minnichi for line wars.

Interesting, that's not how I learned math in the great state of South Carolina… Finally, what do you, Typhoonmaster, want every reader to know about you?

I follow football and basketball religiously. I believe hummus is perfect food source. I want to defeat the giant monkey man and save the 9th dimension. I apparently look like Mako. I run track all year round. I enjoy long, romantic walks to the fridge.

~*A dark figure in emerald robes enters the scene, her eyes overshadowed by the wide brim of a pointed hat...*~

Why hello, Typhoonmaster. Before anything else, there is one question that is absolutely critical for you to answer if you wish to survive in the White Lotus Sentinel: Do you or do you not like the Dai Li?

I LOVE THE DAI LI! *Ty's eyes dart back and forth*

Excellent choice. Most excellent. (Ahem) What would you do if you saw the two editors sword-fighting over solid vs. dashed lines?

I would wait for the two editors to slay each other. Then, I would assume total control---... I mean, I'd help the two put aside their differences and move along with the newsletter!

Right... This totally calls for some brainwashing action to reinforce your loyalty to dashed lines - I mean, What kind of article would you say merits a rejection, and how would you inform its writer if so?

An article that is poorly written or factually incorrect should be rejected. I would inform the writer of the problems and offer advice about how to fix them.

Sounds like a plan! Is there anything in particular that you're looking forward to most as part of the staff?

I'm definitely looking forward to the perks of the WLS Staff Lounge. I hear the vending machines are top-notch.

Well, I can't really argue with ya there... *Sips from a top-notch soda can.* Which kind of article would you like writing more, one about writing itself, or one about the state of the fanon portal and the promotion of individual stories?

I personally enjoy writing about writing within my writing. (Inception) The fanon portal and all of its success stems from the writers themselves; so, I like to focus on the actual writing that makes everything fall into place.

Going from the roots, I see! Is there any advice you have for other users aspiring to be in groups such as the FRS or the WLS staff?

Hmm, advice. The best advice I can give applies to everything in life. Do the things you love, and love the things you do. If you don't love reading fanon or writing articles, then being a part of the Fanon Review Squad or WLS Staff may not be in your best interest. On the other hand, if you do aspire to join one of these groups, don't get discouraged. There are many ways to improve the quality of the fanon portal outside of these groups. Read fanon, comment, write, contribute, participate in the fanon advertisement system. In reality, these groups are really just contributors like everyone else.

I agree! Speaking of contributors... Who's crazier, Omashu Rocks and his politics or Minnichi and her Dai Li obsession? Think you can handle them?

Well, Omashu Rocks was pretty crazy when he thought Romney would win the election. Then again, Minnichi goes way too far with her Dai Li obsession. Both are obviously insane human beings. I figure it will be like babysitting children. I'll bring some video games, maybe some candy, and all will be well. When they bicker and fight about solid and dotted lines I'll put them in timeout or send them off to bed. But in all seriousness, I think Minnichi and Omashu Rocks are two of the best contributors to this Avatar Wiki, and they serve as great models of dedication. I can't wait to work with them.


(Minn's still hanging out here) Well, it seems we've gotten ourselves a most excellent deputy editor! I'm pretty sure I speak for both Mr. Rocks and I when I say that WLS issues from now on will be more awesome than ever with the help of Ty. We chose to keep our staff-choosing methods obscure (hey come on, you've got a Dai Li agent and a politician as editors...), but mainly because we don't want to make staff-recruiting itself seen as something to "compete" for. Typhoonmaster has proven himself by being a great contributor, and that's all the requirement one needs. We considered all users who were interested, even if it wasn't made obvious, and we're confident that our pick was for the best. Be sure to look out for Ty from now on!

50px-5019858.png Elements of Writing: Style
Typhoonmaster - Deputy Editor

Part of the 'Elements of Writing' Series

The fanon portal not only allows authors to share stories, but to improve as writers too. During my time as a fanfiction writer, I've learned so much about storytelling from other authors. Tips and guidance from others have helped me improve as a writer, and it's been an invaluable experience. In this segment, I'll try to impart some of my knowledge to you! Hopefully, my tips will help you grow as a writer and improve the quality of your fanon. In a series of articles, I'll explain how to effectively use each genre, outline different figures of speech, and give insight on ways to add spice to your writing. For my first topic, I'll be discussing a few elements of style!

What is exactly is style? Nope, it's not like clothing or a font. Style is an aspect of writing that can set apart your fanon from the rest. Grammar is the concrete "set of laws" that dictate writing: punctuation, subject/verb agreement, fragements, etc. A lot of times, teachers or even fanon reviewers will stress the importance of proper grammer. Indeed, it is important, but as a fictional writer you have to adhere to even more laws than grammar. Writing with perfect grammar doesn't necessarily make an amazing story. This is where style comes into play. Once you have mastered grammar, it's time to master the elements of style. Style adds flavor and identity to writing, using subtle descriptions and using grammar efficiently, more than just correctly. Now, I will outline a few ways to improve your style!

Descriptions: I know you have a whole complex story to write, but don't forget to describe the mood, smells, sounds, and thoughts. Immerse your reader into the world that you've imagined.

Word Choice: Brobdingnagian words are great if used correctly, but they can hinder your writing if they take away from the meaning. I'm not a hypocrite; I used "brobdingnagian" to prove my point that big words can seem out of place. Being overly verbose can slow people down. Style is about picking the right word for the situation. There is a time and place for every word. I recommend using a thesaurus to improve word choice. Along the way it will increase your vocabulary, which is awesome!

Connotation: Different words can convey a different feeling, even if they mean the same thing. When writing with style, it's crucial to choose words that have the right connotation for the situation. For example:

"The skinny girl waited by the fountain."

In this sentence, "skinny" gives us a sense that the girl is too thin, maybe even malnourished. Skinny conveys a negative connotation.

"The slender girl waited by the fountain."

In this sentence, "slender" portrays the girl as lean and beautiful. Slender conveys a positive connotation even though "skinny" and "slender" both technically mean thin.

Dialogue: Human dialogue is filled with emotion. I don't just tell my sister to turn down her music, I yell at her at the top of my lungs. One does not simply recount Les Miserables without getting a little choked up. In this way, your characters dialogue can be used to create powerful emotions. Dialogue is a valuable tool that you can use to your advantage. So, when writing dialogue, take advantage of the scene and situation. Write actions into the words and let the dialogue tell the story and set the mood. For example:

"Go away Tenzin, I just want to be left alone."

This exerpt of dialogue gives no details about how Korra feels or the mood of the situation. For all all we know, Tenzin could be poking her as she tries to do homework.

Her voice choked, "Go away Tenzin." She wiped a tear from her cheek, "I just want to be left alone."

In this excerpt, we can hear Korra's sadness in her choking voice, and we can visibly see her tears. We understand this is an emotional situation, unlike the first example.

There are countless laws of style, but those are just a specific few I've noticed while reading fanon. Maybe next time you write a chapter you will remember to describe the situation and write into your dialogue. It's always a pleasure to help out fellow writers, so if you have any questions don't hesitate to Template:Wall! Happy writing! :)

50px-Avatar3.jpg How To Make Your Fanon Popular
Wiki Geek

Hi! This is my first column, and I feel so out of place here with all these well-known users. I'm kinda starstruck, but everyone has to start somewhere, right?

To the point: let's say you're a new user, and you stumble upon the fanon portal. You have a good idea and start making a fanon right away! You pour your heart into your work, and, in no time, you have seven chapters written. You eagerly check your fanon page to see who has read your work, but when you look, you see that nobody has read it. You wait, and wait, and wait, but nobody has read your fanon. You just give up.

This scenario and many others like it occur all the time in the fanon portal. In this article, I will be explaining why some fanons are so popular and others are not, and then what you can do about it.

1) Let's face it. If you are a nony, you're pretty much doomed. Nobody really wants to read it. But, if you create an account, you will get a bigger crowd. Don't give up!

2) Reputation is key. ARG's new fanon has just started, but he already has tons of subscribers! Why? Because he wrote Energy Saga!

3) Main page design: People WILL be attracted to your fanon if it has a nice main page. Don't go overboard, though.

4) Illustrations! People like custom illustrations! But when I say this, I mean just some high quality illustrations! DON'T BE A PICTURE PACKER!

5) Fanon trends at the time, or how popular something always is with the crowd: I'm not saying that you should be a follower, but I think you'll get more readers if you wrote about Aangs backstory, than if you wrote about his death. JUST SAYIN!

If you don't follow any of these guidelines, don't worry. They're just a few of the reasons why some fanons are so popular! Besides, there's one more thing...

6) WRITING QUALITY!!! Just write, practice, and be patient! Don't give up, those readers will come!

(And if you're really impatient, try the Fanon Advertisement System).

Get writing!

50px Fanon Urban Dictionary

The Drop-Off

noun; A horrible effect that plagues every fanon on the wiki, no matter how great. This terrifying phenomenon occurs when the first chapter of a fanon receives a decent or even enormous amount of comments, but the other chapters get comparatively low reception. The number of comments drops slowly and painfully with each new chapter released until the author is certain that his or her readers have either died or are playing a cruel prank. The impact The Drop-Off has on authors is disturbing, forcing them to instigate conversations in the comments to supplement for the ones lost or subtly leave "PLEASE COMMENT!!!" messages in their subscription notices. "Wow! 17 comments on one chapter! Man, this is gonna be HUGE! I'm so excited! Just look at all these people praising me with 'Good job!' and 'This looks interesting.' I'm next ARG, I tell ya!" The next chapter: "Okay, four comments. I guess the others haven't had a chance to read yet." The next chapter: "One comment? Where is everyone?" Chapter Eight: tumbleweed rolls across the comments section…


noun; What you would experience immediately if you were ever to try living out word for word what a fanon character experiences on average. "I'm...starving..." "No you aren't! The author didn't say you were, even though it's clearly been weeks since the start of the plot without any mention of food or water whatsoever!" "But...shouldn't those things be assumed...?" *Stomach growls* "Nope sorry, the author said that you've started chasing your enemy since the first chapter and haven't stopped since." "But I'm tired...!" "Well, be prepared to get even more tired, then! 'Cause there's your enemy right there! Who has a whole gang ready to ambush you, who you're now supposed to ward off single-handedly despite having no food or water for weeks!" "...You've gotta be kidding me. This is death waiting to happen." "Well, it's the life of a fanon character. Have funnn~!"

Name Definitions

noun; What many authors fail to consider before choosing a name for their Avatar OC that just happens to sound cool and Asian. Imagine if we actually knew... "Man, Hanbao is so awesome. He's my favorite OC ever <3" "...Uh, you do realize that hanbao means 'hamburger' in Chinese, right? At least I think it does." "What? Impossible!" "Well, it does. Congratulations, you just named your OC after a patty of beef between two flat pieces of bread." "*Scoff* Whatever! No one will pay attention!" "Hm, think of it this way. What if English actually sounded like a cool language, and people were naming their characters after anything that sounded interesting? Would you be able to take a story seriously that says 'And then McDonalds cried out in despair as his love, Barbecue, whispered her last words. He turned to his best friend, Twinkies, and sobbed into his shoulder for comfort.'" "...That sounded ridiculous." "Exactly. Name definitions matter." "(Sigh)"

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Fanontastic Polls

<poll> How excited are you that Typhoonmaster is the new Deputy Editor? "Yes! Maybe the WLS will finally start publishing on time!" "I think he brings a lot to the table." "I'm a bit concerned about his possible connections to the Kennedy assassination." "I can't be happy about anything right now. My NCAA bracket's screwed up." </poll>

<poll> Have you been interviewed by the Fanon Fact Finders? Sure have! Not yet, but I plan on signing up for one. No, and I never will be. </poll>

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